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Start making money today by using our handicapping experts sports picks.
Average play is $50-$100-$200 to win each pick.
We have a 14 year track of our clients winning from our sports system picks

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How do I get my picks?

All picks are sent via email through our newsletter. Picks are updated daily with a notification what time the updates will come out. Saturday college football picks come out Friday by 1:00 pm ET Sunday NFL picks come out by 6:00 pm ET on Saturday. Weekday picks we try to get plays as early as 12:00 pm ET with certain updates coming by 4:30 pm ET on weekdays.

How does your billing work?

We use PayPal. You control your billing. Whenever you like to cancel your able to log into your paypal account mange your subscriptions and cancel. We have flat membership rates, so what ever your payments are will always be your payments. If we win more for you, you will not be charged more as they are flat fees.

Do your experts pick against each other?

No you will never see our experts pick against one another, we count all results profit and losses and if they did pick against each other we would automatically lose with the juice.

This seems too good to be true how does it work?

The ultimate package deals with a lot of picks. Our experts never pick against each other, and we have a different style of philosophy. Football is our most profitable sport, and our experts find a lot of mis matches with teasers and parlays, with normal spread picks, over unders, half time lines, team totals, 1st q plays that win big. If you only play spread picks, and totals, our experts will make you a lot of money, just know to obtain the results our ultimate package offers you will see a different philosophy in how our experts pick games.

Can I lose using your guys picks?

The answer is yes. We aren't perfect we have losing weeks. Every experts section has had a losing month. Our ultimate package using every experts picks has had a winning month since February 2012. Individual experts will have losing weeks and months just part of the business. However they have never had a losing season or year.

How do I manage my bankroll?

Our suggestion is use around $100 to $200 per pick, and new guys can use $50-$100 per play, with older guys playing the same rate. It's just a suggestion. We always recommend playing the same value throughout to get optimal results. We also have hedge plays on certain picks with parlays to protect certain action out there for bankroll management purposes.

What is the difference in our packages seems like too many options?

Only difference is if you want one expert or multiple experts.

Can I bet on your site?

No we are not a gambling website